BIRDIE 12 Saint Donat Golf Course.

Michel TEICHET and the PGA Pros that are Philippe LARVARON and Franck BONNEF of the Saint Donat Golf Academy have not waited very long to put themselves at your service or rather at the service of your Golf by proposing you birdie 12 which always develops with as much Savvy professional advice.

Remember that birdie innovates in the presentation of golf tips, the board becomes collegial three pros offer you their vision of a shot to play but still in coherence. There is not one that is more right than the other but they adapt their knowledge and pedagogy to the level of the player and the shot to play

With Birdie 12, Michel TEICHET went back to see Philippe LARVARON and Franck BONNEF at the Golf Country Club of Saint Donat and all three they explain and above all show you how to driver, get out of a bunker or approach the rough.
Their advice is given with great acuity and simplicity, of the technique admittedly but not invasive or incomprehensible or even binding.

For beginners as well as for confirmed players Michel TEICHET and the PGA Pros who accompany him make a point of honor to remain concise, clear and above all to give you the desire to continue to progress.

Welcome the arrival of the new partners of Birdie and Michel TEICHET who have perceived a new and relevant way to communicate in this segment of the Web television.

BIRDIE 12 Saint Donat Golf Course