WAGC International Final Kuala Lumpur

WAGC International Final Kuala Lumpur
World Amateur Golfers Championship brought together for the 2023 edition nearly 50 countries and their teams in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The French amateur team led by their captain Gilles DUCHAMPS and Maxime HAUSS (Development Manager)) caused a sensation for its very first international participation.
Indeed, the team made up of five players from different backgrounds were able to bring the tricolor flag to the highest steps. Palmares? Two individual victories and a third place by team.

They come from all over France, from the golf courses of La Palmyre, La Prée, Raray, La Vanade and Royan.
Who are these players who have so brilliantly defended the tricolor? From left to right in the photo:
Pascal DROINEAU of the Golf of Royan,
Lucas LAMMERS of the Golf de La Prée – La Rochelle,
Thomas VALVERDE of Golf du Raray – WAGC World Champion in his series,
Hugo GENOVESE of Golf de la Vanade – WAGC World Champion in his series,
Jérémy MAZUREK from Golf de la Palmyre
and in the center the happy Captain Gilles DUCHAMPS.

There is no doubt that this first foray into this prestigious tournament will have a sequel even if the margin for improvement is narrow in the team ranking!

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