Ultra Golf Divonne 2019, more than 20 hours of competition, nearly 50 kilometers traveled by jouuers and about 30,000 shots in two days on the course of Divonne les Bains … The Ultra Golf of Divonne baths has kept all its promises , July 19 and 20, at the foot of the Jura and facing the Alps.

The 76 participants responded to the meeting of this greens marathon which had already built a solid reputation. At the starting tee at dawn on Friday, the 38 teams entered began the competition with a “four balls, better balls” before moving on, afterwards and after a lunch in one hour, a second round in chapman formula.

The next morning, all the hard-liners of the fairways were still on deck for a third round of greensome, before completing this long-term test by an individual stableford by adding scores.

In the end, after 72 holes, nearly 50 kilometers traveled and more than 20 hours on the field, the team composed of Cyrille CAFFERATTO of Saint Donat and Richard ANTONIOLI de Giez proved the most regular in Brut.
With a total of 169 stableford points, this duo took the decision at the expense of Pierre Henry MOTTET and Jean-François CALMES of Saint Donat with a total of 157.

In net, the Divonnais monopolized the first places of the podium with Olivier PELFINI and Carine BALZANI triumph largely with a total of 185 points before the formation composed of Gishlaine GUIGNET MAILLET and Gilbert MAILLET 179 Points.

Given the enthusiasm generated by the formula, appointments are already taken for Ultra Golf Divonne les Bains 2020 with always four laps programmed … a year to hone his fitness … and his swing.

Ultra Golf de Divonne 2019… For the pictures follow this link

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