Power and speed were at the Domaine du Château de Taulane on September 21st and 22nd.

Long Drivers European Tour were found for two days where” it settle the argument with guns”!
In fact, we have been able to rub what is the best on European soil in distance to the reader. CVs of breathtaking distance records!


A dozen of these strikers clashed during the day Saturday, with Friday being reserved for training.
By a series of two players on each starting area each player has 1 minute 30 to hit 4 balls and try to land the longest drive that must be on the fairway!
In case of failure, out of bond or in the rough, a 5 ° catch-up ball is played in order to stay in the course.


The difficulty in Taulane resided in that the hole chose, the No. 5 Par 5 uphill, a width of more than 46 meters with two water hazards! Major difficulty that put more than one of our gladiators in difficulty.


When you send the ball over 350 meters, the power and precision do not always mix! Volvik bullets often went to the lake on the right of the fairway.
Indeed, we have been able to notice that the error is committed more often with the slice or the push but less hook. The player looking for the maximum power and the perfect shot relies on the “authentic swing” to hit at least one good ball: “to be present at the moment” … which lasts only the time of a swing whose speed oscillates between 230 and 240 Km / h
! A title of comparison the Pros are in a range of 180 to 190 km / h and amateurs between 130 and 140 km / h …

The distances with this Saturday in Taulane are more than honorable, because reminder that the conditions to be filled to beat the 433 yards of Robin HORVARTH given the strong headwind that blew throughout the competition., There was distance of 365 yards or about 333 m


One thing is for sure is that we have to do to swingers and not to tapers! It is sometimes difficult to follow the ball, which is sent (by the best) at a speed of about 350 km / h!
To reach these speeds and these distances, the material used is in the standards of what is done in the trade, the shaft does not exceed 48 inches and according to the more or less stiff players! No lengthened shaft or oversized clubhead!


To the question or the remark that we could justly or wrongly ask ourselves: they do not know what to do: to bang! This is a mistake, because we were able to observe the n ° 1 Martin BORGMEIER who was warming up approaching the hole n ° 6 at a distance of about 50 meters and his little game was far, very very far from being ridiculous, untied swing, perfect posture and flag balls!
All in all they practice golf and have indexes around 10, Martin BORGMEIER is 5.


It should be noted that in the twelve competitors, the organization had invited the « rooky » of Golf Méditerranée, Matthieu MORASCHETTI of the Royal Mougins Golf Club, who teamed up with the German Alex LANGE, we invite you to listen on www.facebook.com/golfmediterranee the latter’s interview about Matthew.

The trip to the Domaine du Château de Taulane was really worth it and for two reasons, at first meet players whose sense of clan and tribe can be compared to surfers with their codes, their attitudes extra-virile, a little out of step with the traditional golf., he knows how to make the show!
In a second time, to go on the lands of the domain of Taulane, it is to cross a border which separates you from the daily to a perfect and sweet moment.
For many golfers Taulane is an unmissable spot with its course designed by Gary Player, his hotel the Castle and the Manor, its spa, all the ingredients are there for an unforgettable stay.

Writing: LJA – Golf Méditerranée

Ranking and players

Long Drivers European Tour at Taulane step 8
Long Drivers European Tour at Taulane step 8
Long Drivers European Tour at Taulane step 8
Long Drivers European Tour at Taulane step 8
Long Drivers European Tour at Taulane step 8
Long Drivers European Tour at Taulane step 8