Golf shafts: the made-to-measure club

Golf shafts: the made-to-measure club. A golf club is supposed to help you get the best possible score, depending of course on your level of play.
In other words, it’s like a car – you choose one according to your driving ability and skills, its everyday use and its aesthetic appeal.
When it comes to choosing clubs, it’s the same thing. While aesthetics may play an important or even vital role for some, there are points to be discovered that will either help or hinder you.
A golf club is made up of various components, each of which plays a part in your enjoyment of golf and, above all, in your progress.

Today we’ll be looking at the Shaft. The Shaft is the second driving force after… you!
Depending on the type of player you are (I’m not talking about the grumpy, stressed, boastful, gambler or cheat!) pro or amateur, junior, adult, senior, as well as other parameters such as your size, your posture, your swing, your level of play, your own motor in short: your biomechanics, will have to drive another motor: the Shaft.
Some Fitters clubs, or Shaft Fitters, will tell you that there are no special shafts for Ladies as there are for Men, they have to be tested and then chosen according to your own criteria (see above) and your objectives.

To go to the extreme, a beginner player will not have the same objectives as a tour player, but this will not prevent the neophyte player from getting off to a good start in golf with equipment that is better suited to his expectations than the traditional 1/2 series that is passed from hand to hand every year!

Remember that the Shaft has its place in your game as much as the grip and club heads.

Some time ago, we met Jean-Marc GRUNER, who describes himself as a Shaft Club Fitter. His opinions and observations may help you to better understand the usefulness of custom-made rather than ready-to-play golf clubs!

To get down to the nitty-gritty… the price, which can range from a €30 Shaft to one with which you could buy a very fine set of irons or woods! Passion sometimes has its follies!

Finally, there is a great and legitimate temptation to go on the net in search of the table that will provide all the parameters you need, but don’t take this kind of information for anything other than information… A visit to the Trackman and the informed eye of a professional will de facto be essential.

The leading brands on the market in alphabetical order:

Golf shafts: the made-to-measure club
Jean Marc GRUNER Shafts Club maker