Golf rock wine and their stars
Wine, a subject that many sports professionals, musicians, actors and others have come to discover, has more than a love for the table.

One of the biggest names in golf so far related to the industry is Greg Norman.

Golf, rock, wine and their stars
Golf, rock, wine and their stars

Greg Norman Estates is no longer a small fish in the wine pond, but a whale of the wine industry in Australia, California and Argentina.
Then the legend of golf Chi Chi Rodriguez. The golfer owns a label in California, Amador County, thanks to a collaboration between Chi Chi and the Californian company Robledo Family Winery.

Golf, rock, wine and their stars

The wine takes its name from its vineyard, Tchipatchi Vineyard, so named for Chi Chi and his wife, Pat.
To complete the list of top golf professionals, we add David Frost for his South African wine,

Golf, rock, wine and their stars

Gary Player for his own South African and American collection,

Golf, rock, wine and their stars

and Luke Donald, as a partner with wine mogul Tony Terlato

Luke Donald

(as Jack Nicklaus), to create another cabernet monster from the Napa Valley.

Jack Niklaus

As the list is long, with even more athletes, musicians and rock stars, two draw our attention and go towards excellence including one who always swing an “easier” golf club than anyone else on the course: Ernie Els and the other is the current number one rock music in the United States: Jon Bon Jovi.
This is “The Big Easy” itself, Ernie Els, from his South African winery and rock star Jon Bon Jovi and his wine Diving into Hampton Water whose winery, the Chateau de l’Hospitalet, is located in the south of France.

In the case of Ernie, he initially partnered with John Engelbrecht, a long-time friend, and his family to create South African wines that truly represent his country of origin.

Ernie Els

From his Guardian Peak to the red labels, to the red Ernie Els Signature and the mix “Big Easy” Shiraz and the packaged white Chenin Blanc, the golfer is well positioned in a fantastic retirement project.

For the music icon, Jon Bon Jovi and the famous French winemaker, Gérard Bertrand,, have joined forces to launch a brand of high-end rosé wine, Diving into Hampton Water now available on the US market and which has received the American award for the best rosé wine 2018.

Jon Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi and his son Jesse began to explore this idea as a real business, designing bottles and relying on concepts. They were finally presented to Gérard Bertrand by a mutual friend and the three quickly developed a common vision, to create a unique rosé, uniting the essence of the relaxed lifestyles of the Hamptons and the South of France. “We had tried rosé everywhere,” says Jesse. “But when we visited Gerard, we realized that there is a whole coastline in France that produces some of the best-kept secrets on Earth.”

Fans of the Ryder Cup or rock! May you find a wine worthy of your palate.