Masters des Champions Golf 2023 Saint Tropez, some 30 French, European, World and Olympic medallists gathered in Saint Tropez on 15, 16 and 17 September for the 26th Masters des Champions Golf.
Gathered on the initiative of Bernard BEGUIN, promoter of the Masters, (4 times French Rally Champion, winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in GTX, current LMP2…) the champions accompanied by guests challenged themselves over the three days with golf and pétanque…
These two types of challenge, offered by Bernard BEGUIN, delighted them and made them enjoy the competition as well as the festive atmosphere!
They came in a relaxed mood to compete in golf (two 18-hole rounds) on the splendid Saint-Tropez golf course and in a game of pétanque on the no less famous Place de Lices in Saint-Tropez.
Good humour and the desire to meet up again with other champions were the only motivations guiding all these sports enthusiasts… Although some of them have retained a certain grinta… That desire to win that doesn’t leave you until your last breath! 
On Saturday 16 September 2023, as the night wore on at Place des Lices in Saint-Tropez, the triplettes came one after the other, much to the delight of tourists and the people of Saint-Tropez, who saw the square come alive to the rhythm of the champions.
Selfies, smiles and anecdotes abounded… the champions were available for their fans, who had not forgotten them… and who are waiting for them again for the 2024 edition!

The winners


Masters des Champions 2023_ Saint Tropez_Golf Mediterranee


1st GROSS: Pierre TREMOUILLE with Bernard BEGUIN

Masters des Champions 2023_ Saint Tropez_Golf Mediterranee

1st NET: Patrice TEISSEIRE
2nd NET: Patrick REVELLI
Rd NET: Christophe PINNA


Masters des Champions 2023_ Saint Tropez_Golf Mediterranee

Guests in NET:
1st Benjamin NABET
2nd Christopher MORIZOT
3rd Patrick DREVON

Masters des Champions 2023_ Saint Tropez_Golf Mediterranee

2nd Carolina REDDINGIUS
3rd Marie MANGE

Masters des Champions 2023_ Saint Tropez_Golf Mediterranee


Winner of the event: Florence MASNADA,Françoise REQUIER and Nathalie BOUVIER

The 2023 edition was attended by:
Alain BLONDEL, Pierre TREMOUILLE, Patrice TESSEIRE, Patrick REVELLI, Christophe PINNA, Florence MASNADA, Gilles PANIZZI, Jean-Paul LOTH, Bruno SABY, Alexandre GONZALES, Alain CARBONEL, Aalin OREILLE, Annie FAMOSE, Jean-Louis ZANON, Arthur GOMES, Richard ASTRE, Nino OURABAH, Jean-Michel AGUIRRE, Nathalie LOTH, Alain BONDUE, Guy DRUT, Brigitte DEYDIER, Jean CASTANEDA, Didire CAMBERABERO, Philippe JEANNOL, Philippe HOUVION, Nathalie BOUVIER and Xavier LAPEYRE.

Masters des Champions Golf 2022

The last year edition (2022) brought together:
Jean-Michel AGUIRRE, Jérôme ALONZO, Abdelatif BENAZZI, Laurent BLANC, Alain BLONDEL, Alain BONDUE, Pierrick BOURGEAT, Olivier BROUZET, Didier CAMBERABERO, Jean CASTANEDA, Guy DRUT, Benjamin FALL, Annie FAMOSE, Laura FLESSEL/COLOVIC, Arthur GOMES, Alexandre GONZALES, Philippe HOUVION, Philippe JEANNOL, Léo LACROIX, Xavier LAPEYRE, Gérard LARROUSSE, Christian LOPEZ, Jean-Paul LOTH, Nathalie LOTH/DELAIGUE, Francois MANGE, Georges MAUDUIT, Alain OREILLE, Nino OURABAH, Michel PLATINI, Patrick REVELLI, Eric ROY, Bruno SABY, Pierre TREMOUILLE, Dominique VALERA and Jean Louis ZANON.
A rare line-up of champions…