Birdie Lesson No. 6 at the Taulane Castle Golf course


Wonderful course and… Fantastic Nature lady: Guaranteed emotion!

The golf of Château de Taulane is a path of desire and frustration!  Indeed, we can only enjoy 6 months of the year but that of grandeur and brightness on this golf designed by Gary PLAYER and intensity when we drive at the start of the 1.
Everything is beautiful! Whether it is the road that leads you (the Napoleon Road) from Cannes to the Logis du Pin where the golf of Château de Taulane is located.
A place of inspiration and relaxation, the Golf du Château de Taulane is not the same to bring you peace and quiet.

Michel TEICHET and François Lamare went against the brand new general Manager Arnaud Paul (see our interview)


And the Pro Alexis NOUDEU.

The three Pros will each present a situation with the solution to the key.

Alexis NOUDEU will describe how to play a sloping shot


François-Mare will present a right-to-left shot that rolls up to the green


Michel TEICHET will describe how to cross a water barrier

Then different approaches around the green of the hole No. 3


Then, in fine a bunker exit at 15 m in hole N ° 16