BIRDIE 10 at the Golf de Taulane, Michel TEICHET and his program BIRDIE bring us back to an extraordinary place of golf in the Mediterranean: the Domaine du Château de Taulane. Its exceptional location at nearly 1000m above sea level and less than 60 minutes from the Mediterranean make it an unusual place in the world.
Michel TEICHET and his team of pros, François LAMARE from the PGA Seniors and Alexis NOUDEU Head Pro from Taulane, drop us off on this mythical course signed by Gary PLAYER for new advice and some revisions (because nothing is definitively acquired!) for this 10th number of BIRDIE at the Taulane golf course.
In this issue, you will notice a very interesting analysis by François LAMARE on the action of the wrists in the drive which takes up the ricochet throw induced by Michel TEICHET to image the swing.
Then, all three will return to “à la carte” bunker approaches and exits: 56°, 58° or Iron 8? A solution for all levels of play: from the more experienced player to those who require a little more security “not to destroy their card”.

Michel TEICHET’s videos can be viewed several times, several stages. The first viewing is an overview of discovery that will amaze you, the landscape, the actors, the advice,… Then we “rewind” the sequence to do our “bargain”: review the route (We don’t let’s not tire of images of this expanse of greenery and blue sky), go back to the advice on the drive, on the approaches… Over the advice, we discover our weaknesses how to fight them and how to strengthen our qualities!
Among the ten issues, you have a panoply of journeys to undertake and full of advice to follow.