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Ultra Golf of Chamonix Mont Blanc

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Ultra Golf of Chamonix Mont Blanc

More than 20 hours of competition, nearly 50 kilometers travelled and about 30 000 shots hit in two days on the course Chamoniard… The Ultra Golf of Chamonix Mont Blanc held all its promises, on July 8th and 9th, at the foot of Mont-Blanc.

They took the challenge! The 104 participants in the Ultra Golf of Chamonix Montblanc 2016 have all reached the end of their golf course on the magnificent route of Chamonix Mont-Blanc. This marathon of the Greens had already built a solid reputation by being played in three rounds.
This year, Patrick DREVON, the founder and promoter of the event, set the bar even higher by adding a fourth round.

At the tee starting at dawn on Friday, the 52 teams engaged began the competition with a "four bullets better" before chaining, in the aftermath, by a second round in Formula Chapman.
The next morning, crippled of aches and the swing a little rusty, all the convicts of the fairways were still on the bridge for a third round in greensome, before closing this long-winded ordeal by an individual stableford by adding scores.

In the end, after 54 holes, nearly 50 kilometers travelled and more than 20 hours on the field, the team composed of Cyrille CAFFERATTO and Philippe MARMAYOU-Mehdi (Saint-Donat) proved to be the most regular in crude. With a total of 169 points Stableford, this southern duo tore the decision thanks to a better finish at the expense of Anthony RUSSEL (Monpensier) and Marc LANGASQUE (Saint-Donat), father of the great hope of the French golf, Romain LANGASQUE, winner of the British Open Amateurs in 2015.
On the net, the Chamoniards have trusted the first places of the podium, the tandem Olivier CHAMEL-Patrick PETRINI (Chamonix Mont-Blanc) triumphant with a breath with a total of 187 points before the formation composed of Jean-Philippe LOUVEAU and Jérémy MORA-Monteos ( Chamonix Mont-Blanc).
Given the enthusiasm aroused by the formula, go is already taken for Ultra Golf of Chamonix Montblanc 2017 with always four laps in program. The Greens ' convicts now have a year to sharpen their physical condition… and their swing.

Editorial France Media International: Pascal Auclair for Golf Méditerranée
Photos/Videos Prelim: Aaj-Golf Méditerranée

The presentation of prizes in pictures:


Ultra Golf of Chamonix Mont Blanc



Ultra Golf of Chamonix Mont Blanc



Ultra Golf of Chamonix Mont Blanc














Ultra Golf of Chamonix




Ultra Golf of Chamonix Mont Blanc

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