Physical and mental preparation


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The Performance Center
Physical preparation

BE ATHLETIK your progress golf are en route to Antibes Sophia Antipolis where there is a place of technological advances of the future… Your future in physical preparation for your golf: The performance center BE ATHLETIK.

The Master of the place, Loïc GAMBARDELLA, physiotherapist and physical trainer, is also certified and a member of the board Titleist Performance Institute. He takes the time to discuss with you for an initial review combining physical analysis and your swing.

A program is then put in place to either correct or restore or strengthen your physical condition just as responsible for your “bad” results on the course as a swing in the wrong plan!
This program is adapted to all of us and allows prodigious corrections… Provided, of course, to be diligent.

In the same period and at regular frequencies, your Pro will receive from Loïc all the parameters and videos about you to work together your swing and thus undertake the improvements that will generate the progress you have been waiting for Chandeliers…

A unique center in France to improve the performance specialized in the optimization of the movement.

The specialty: Golf

  • Increase the distance with all clubs
  • Improving the consistency of the swing
  • Development of endurance on the course
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Decreased pain
Be Athletik

Be Athletik

They are partners of St Donat Golf and take care of their 4 best young players.

The Offers
All offers include an individual balance sheet from 1h to 3h, individual sessions or in groups of up to 3 people and a final balance sheet.

Golf Performance-Develop distance, consistency and endurance
Performance-combining physical performance and injury prevention
Young Performance-growth-friendly athletic development
Performance Pro-Achieve the highest level of athletic performance
Rehabilitation – care, prevention and strengthening
Physical maintenance-maintain and strengthen to avoid daily pain

The clientele is very varied and keeps in common the search for an individualised follow-up, professional advice, in step with its objectives.

Be Athletik

Be Athletik

Internationally recognized techniques
The method brings together several leading techniques in their field of expertise and internationally recognized for their effectiveness.

Functional Movement Systems
Simple tests to quickly identify asymmetric and/or limited patterns of motion, reducing performance and potentially causing injury.

EXOS-Used by many professional teams (NFL, NBA, Football)
Evaluate the athlete’s skills and needs related to his or her sport to set up a personalized training program.

Titleist Performance Lnstitute-Used by the 2/3 of the world’s TOP 50 golfers
Check the ability to generate and transfer energy in the most efficient way possible through the body.

Identify deficiencies in motion patterns and movements causing pain to adapt treatment (1 back pain may come from 3 different deficiencies).

Restoring a healthy movement

The method is based on the study and optimization of one of the greatest qualities necessary for the sportsman: the efficiency of the movement.

The movement is at the origin of the development of our motor skills. The quality of the movements we carry out has a direct impact on our sports skills, as well as on our quality of life.

The possibilities of movement of our body can be broken down into 7 motor diagrams (primary or functional basic movements). The control of these allows the different segments of our body to work in harmony.

Stress, repetitive positions (sitting position…) and poor technical gestures disturb these patterns. The body is forced to put in place compensatory attitudes, which can generate dysfunctions causing pain and injury.
By restoring the ability to carry out healthy and effective movements, we reduce these dysfunctions.

The person is then in the best conditions to develop a athlétisation, or a physical strengthening respectful of his physiology, and perform a technical work specific to his discipline.

A space dedicated to care and performance

The Be Athletik centre is located in Sophia-Antipolis: strategic location, easy to reach, at the exit of the motorway of Antibes.
La Salle, from 160m2, allows guests to receive individual clients (max 3 persons for groups) in a friendly and professional atmosphere.
Be Athletik trusts References brands:

  • Keiser, SKLZ, TRX, Ekkar for physical preparation. These materials allow a work closest to the movement in real situation,
  • AMM for the 3d analysis of Swing and V1 for 2d analysis,
  • Trackman for trajectory analysis.

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