Tiger thinks he can still join Nicklaus

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Tiger Woods thinks he can still join Jack Nicklaus and his record of 18 major titles after ending a decade of lean cow with a win at Augusta National.
The 43-year-old knocked out the sporting world earlier this month by making an epic return after a spine surgery to win his 15th and first since the 2008 US Open.

A sexual scandal in 2009, followed by knee and back injuries, which required seven operations, resulted in interminable waiting before adding another major title to his honors.
However, his fifth green fairytale jacket clearly convinced Woods to aim for the all-time record with 18 major wins for Nicklaus.
“I always thought it was possible, if everything went as planned,” Woods said in an interview with the GOLFTV streaming service.

“It took a whole career to get to 18, so now that I have another extension of my career – a career I did not think I had a few years ago – if I do things right and everything is going as planned, yeah, that’s a possibility.
“I will never say that’s not the case – except a few years ago, when I could not walk.
“Now, I just need to do a lot of things, and who can say it will happen or not? That’s what the future holds, I do not know.
“The only thing I can promise you is this: I’ll be ready.”
Woods dominated the last day in Augusta. And contrary to usual, this is his first major victory in which he did not lead after 54 holes.
A double bogey of the leader and champion of the British Open, Francesco Molinari, the 12, allowed Woods to catch up two strokes.

“All of us behind, chasing Francesco, then Pandora’s box is now open at 13, where currently with less than seven a legitimate chance of winning the tournament comes with six holes to play, Woods recalls.
When asked if his feat was at the rendezvous, he replied, “No, honestly, it’s hard to believe.
“From time to time, I look on the sofa and the jacket. Yes, I succeeded.
It was the first time their 11-year-old daughter Sam Alexis and 10-year-old son Charlie saw their famous father win a major title, with the exception of videos.