Birdie the new Golf video channel

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Birdie the new Golf video channel

Birdie is the brand new Golf video channel Born under the leadership of Head Pro Michel TEICHET who comes out of the beaten path by proposing a concept designed to apprehend golf from different angles.

Michel TEICHET will be accompanied in "red wire" throughout the filming by the professional François Lamare who teaches at the RIVIERA GOLF DOMAINE DE BARBOSSI But he will also appeal to other members of the PGA who bring their lot of knowledge and Learning Golf.

Historically the videos of Michel TEICHET had a real success on the web; Observation that was the natural trigger of the concept and innovative project of the show Golf: birdie.

To make himself Michel TEICHET approaches the golf with simple words and a clear technique, it is not a question of playing golf with a calculator in order to respect the parameters or the fundamentals to the degree close, but to understand by the gesture and the mimicry that the Golf can be learned simply.

From the demonstration by the Pro François la Mare who will certainly address more directly to the low indexes and the advice of Michel TEICHET who will more than the 2-digit indexes, everyone will find either the solution, or the path to be borrowed to arrive, If not to score in the immediate, at least to identify the faults to avoid.

The technique, the fundamentals but also the mind: how to manage stress, how to assimilate failure, how to stay positive all his advice will be omnipresent in short films

We invite you to watch the presentation video that was made with the help of Loïc GAMBARDELLA in his BEATHLETIK physical preparation centre and the first episode shot a few days ago on the BARBOSSI course.

Good golf and good learning with birdie the new golf video channel


Birdie the new Golf video channel

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Video: Michel TEICHET
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